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This page is a tribute to Fabio, the Mesob's 'pure soul', who unexpectedly passed away on the 3rd of November 2010.
Good bye Fabio, have a good journey...

Death is nothing.
I have just past to the other side, as if I were in the next room.
It’s me. It’s you. What we were for each other, we still are, say my name as you always did.
Talk to me as you have always done. Don’t use a different tone, not solemn or sad one. Keep laughing about the things we laughed together about.
Pray, smile. Think about me and pray with me.
Keep saying my name at home, as always it has been done, without solemnity, without distrust. Life means what it always has meant. Life continues, the thread has not been broken. Will I not be present in your thoughts because you don’t see me? I am not far away, just at the other side of the road. You see? Everything is fine. You will find my heart and my tenderness again.
If you love me, dry your tears and don't cry: your smile is my peace.

Saint Augustine